_1 Marketing Strategy_ Your Marketing Message

Your marketing message is what forms the background of all your marketing strategies and communications.

If your marketing message is weak, unclear or poorly crafted, then it doesn’t matter what specific marketing tactics you use…your prospects and customers won’t take notice.
The goal is to have a well-written, targeted marketing message that resonates with your target market. You want them to see or hear your marketing message and get an instant reaction of “Hey, that’s for me”. You want them to go to your website, give you a call, send you an email, ask someone about you – you want them to find out more about you and the solutions you offer.

In other words, a great marketing message means you’ll have more and more qualified prospects contacting you, generate more and more business, and make you happier and happier!
So what exactly is your marketing message?
Your marketing message is more than a USP (Unique Selling Position), or value proposition, or your tagline or brand. It is a complete message that describes what you do, who you do it with, what problems you solve and what solutions you offer.

You want your marketing message to grab your prospect’s attention, show them how you can solve their problem, why they should trust you and why it’s in their best interest to do business with you.
Your marketing message should “speak” to your prospects and clients by appealing to their “hot buttons”. The problem or issue that triggers emotional reactions that keep them up at night, trying to come up with some solutions.

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Totally Free Ways To Increasing Website Traffic

Free Ways To Increasing Web site Traffic There are all kinds of ways to generate traffic on a web site, but unluckily, many of them price a great deal of money.
For all those just starting out in business or trying to build one up without investing a great deal of capital, this can be a problem. There are a few ways to increase web site traffic for free. Posting Posting links to a web site on bulletin boards, in chat rooms, on peer-to-peer websites and so on may also assist improve traffic.

This method to improve web website traffic for free can take a bit of time and try, however it can work out well within the long run. Article submissions Some web websites take advantage of on post posting sites to plug themselves and improve web site traffic for free.
This works by writing an article on a topic that�s pertinent to the web website in question and then referring to the site at the bottom or inside the body of the article. As long because the content material is well written, this is a fantastic method to increase web site traffic for free.

Viral marketing Viral marketing another method to attract targeted visitors would be to provide a free product or service. I use free brand in a position reports that visitors can download and use. These Reports and e-books have links back to my websites. One of my most well-liked ones is a timely report and guide on how to use and benefit from RSS on all your sites.

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‘Game of Thrones’_ Melisandre plot twist predicted in fan theories

Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for “Game of Thrones” season six.

Fans were stunned Sunday evening when the “Game of Thrones” writers threw a huge curve ball into the already crazy and magical world of Westeros and beyond. But it turns out, some fans have been guessing this plot twist for more than four years.
Turn back now if you haven’t watched Sunday’s season six premiere of “Game of Thrones.”

The first episode of season six ended with the reveal that Melisandre is actually a wrinkly old woman who was disguising herself as a young, beautiful, red-haired priestess.
Yep. That happened.
Fans went bananas online as Melisandre removed her dress (something we’re all used to by now, seeing as getting naked and serving the Lord of Light are two of Melisandre’s favorite activities) and transformed into a bent and ancient old lady.

OMFG! That’s what Melisandre really looks like? #GameofThrones
- SL Ingh�r Daniels♥ (@MsShashaDaniels) April 25, 2016

4 Key Concerns Business Owners Can Let Go Of

American business owners are still trying to recoup from the recent economic collapse.
Outlooks were grim. And while today there is much more optimism for many business owners, there are issues that still leave them uncertain and fearful of their future.
This article addresses 4 key concerns Business Owners have that they can finally let go of, so that business owners can move past the fear and get on with growing your businesses:
1. The Affordable Care Act.Who pays?
FEAR: As owner of a small business, I am afraid I will have to pay healthcare for my employees.

FACT: John Arensmeyer, founder of Small Business Majority, an advocacy group based in Washington recently reported that while healthcare costs, taxes and political gridlock top the list of concerns for owners of small businesses, firms with 50 or more employees will have to supply coverage for employees or face fees in 2015, but companies with less than 50 will not have to supply healthcare coverage.

And even then, there are tax credits available to business owners that decide to provide coverage. Consulting with a qualified insurance agent or researching the tax credit options is highly encouraged.

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Marketing For Success

Do you know why large corporations such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wal-Mart and KFC are so successful?
Do you thinking that it must be because their products are so great or because their services are so excellent? Did you know that the majority of their success comes from their advertising strategies?
You can have a business with the best offerings in the world but if no one knows about it you won’t sell a single item or package. Marketing is the key to success in any business no matter the quality of the product. If you can effectively manage to get the word out about your amazing new business the rest will fall into place.

Marketing is what makes or breaks the majority of business establishments in the marketplace.
There is no need to worry as there are numerous methods that can be employed to get your business out into the open. Here are just a few examples to get the wheels turning:
1.) Newspaper Ads
Depending on which carrier you use and for how long you position your ad to run, this method can reach a huge array of potential customers over a very large geographical area. This type of ad can also produce substantial residual results if you choose to run the ad over a course of weeks or months.

2.) Road Side Signs
This method just so happens to be among my personal favorites. If placed properly, these signs can stay up for weeks or months and produce massive amounts of inbound phone calls. Road signs can be placed around your area with directional signs to your shop or office or they can be used to promote a specific service or product with a toll free number.
Signs are particularly effective with Real Estate related services.
3.) Flyer Distribution

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